Welcome to SoutHACKton, a community of makers, tinkerers and artists in and around Southampton. We’re hosted by (and part of) So Make It – the Southampton Makerspace. Our aim is to share skills, knowledge and tools to allow anyone to create something amazing, regardless
of experience. If you always
wanted to make something but don’t know how then our members will be
more than happy to help you.

We have regular meetings of people who enjoy creating or modifying
software and/or hardware and want to meet other like-minded people.
Ultimately our aim is to support all sorts of interests, for example:
craft, electronics, wood- and metal-work, knitting, programming,
modification (a.k.a. hacking), robotics and home automation. Experience
is unnecessary – interest is all we require! We currently have an open evening on the last Tuesday of the month at Southampton Makerspace.

Topics that our existing members are interested in include:

  • home automation/augmentation
  • robotics
  • circuit bends
  • programming
  • computer interfaces
  • wiimote hacking
  • Arduino
  • gadgets
  • mobile computing
  • PVR creation/improvement
  • programming
  • augmented reality
  • and much more

If you’re interested in any of these topics, or have another interest
you want to share, why not join us?

  • Pablo

    how do I join?

    • http://www.benjiegillam.com/ Benjie

      Hi Pablo, SoutHACKton’s on a little hiatus at the moment; check out http://somakeit.org.uk/ instead – pop in any Tuesday night :)

  • Pablo

    I’m interested in back-end C#.NET

  • nothing

    hi, are you guys interested in having any computer security related things happening? I’ve been looking around for meetups in that line and there doesn’t seem to be anything in existence yet

    • http://www.benjiegillam.com/ Benjie

      SoutHACKton is on extended hiatus; however we’d love to have some security talks at FullStack Hampshire if you’re interested? There’s also the http://slack.southampton.digital community that are interested in all things Digital, and also So Make It the makerspace/hackerspace probably have people interested in these topics! Look forward to meeting you at one of these places :)