we have a lathe

Last weekend the So Make It workshop acquired a lathe! Peter Bond was kind enough to sell us an old but reliable metalworking lathe for a very reasonable price and it was installed and commissioned last Sunday.


Anybody who know how to use a lathe (training will be available) can of course go ahead and do so but before doing so please familiarize yourself with the wiki page.

Details are going to be kept on our tooling section on the wiki here:

Please keep the page updated, listing design quirks and operational guidance there. There are a number of upgrades and projects considered too – please let us know if you’re interested in helping.

As mentioned on the page, safety is critical so please read this page before use. It is also reapeated here:

  1. There is no guard currently so full PPE should be worn when operating or being near the lathe. This includes safety goggles and apron.
  2. Obviously all jewellery must be removed, long hair tied back and baggy clothing removed when operating the lathe.
  3. The lathe bench must remain clear and tidy at all times.
  4. The chuck key must be removed when operating the lathe – it can travel at such speeds as to KILL if left in the chuck.