Southackton @ The Art House, 8th June 2011

A good time was had by all, we looked at a unique Snowboarding location,
altitude, axis and
temperature tracker that
had recently been tested in the field, although the hardware and
software worked well the low temperatures were a challenge, the group
discussed a range of options from
heat pumps, wicks,
peltier devices to
phase-change materials as used
in the
magic metal coffee beans!

David showed us his progress on an in-system programmer for AVR
micro-controllers and did a great job of explaining
what they are, and
why you might want one,
read more about his projects.

The group decided to try out building some
drawduino to see if they would
be a suitable item for us to help newcomers to build and take home and a
date is being set for that.

You can view pictures from the event on the
Southackton Flickr Page.

Our embryonic wiki is
online at the website.

If you are interested in finding out more or would like to attend the
next event, sign up to
our google group to be kept abreast of
the latest developments.

Finally, take a look at our
group Notebook where we can share ideas for the
Big Vision!