Darkbot/SoutHACKton Meeting, 9th of March

Thanks to the powerful organisational skills of Phased / Ben we’ll be
taming up with the local Dorkbot group to have a big meetup at the
Arthouse Cafe in Southampton.

Makers, hackers, tinkerers. Lend me your microphones :O) …

much consultation, the next Southackton meeting shall be 9th March at
Art House Southampton. Aim is to start at 7.30pm.

We will unite with
the Dorkbots, sharing their March meeting, to create a union of Dorks
and Hackers, possibly for one night only but hopefully a continuing
unity will emerge in the form of Harks or Dockers :O)

Please try to
get there a little early, to have time to grab coffees and cakes, as
that will be the primary method of funding the “hire” of the venue /
it’s continued existence.

As suggested, it will be a combined Duino
and Teardown

Please bring along anything you have created using the Duino
platforms and anything you fancy Tearing Down.

Please feel free to
share designs / code / links for your Duino creations on our Google
group beforehand, so those attending have an opportunity to discuss
more deeply during the event.

We will aim to leave a 15-20 minute
period near the end for sharing of your unwanted bits from the
Teardowns and discussion on future plans for Southackton.

Look forward
to seeing you all there.

Phased / Ben

For those that have not visited
before, Art House Southampton is located here :


More details on Art House Southampton here :

We’ve also got an event up on Eventful:
Hope to see you all there.

theUncommon / Adam