Review: “How To Make Cool Things From Microcontrollers”

Last week’s workshop was great fun despite the dreary weather!
Mitch Altman,
(inventor of TV-B-Gone, and co-founder of
and Jimmie P Rodgers (circuit bender and
purveyor of Atari Punk Consoles,
LED hearts and
LoL shields) joined us at
SteamShift HQ in Eastleigh to put on a workshop excitingly titled “How
To Make Cool Things with Microcontrollers!”

Mitch gave a great introduction to microcontrollers, and entertained
everyone with, among other tales, his experiences in the US, recounting
how he left his job in Silicone Valley and got into hardware hacking,
and amusingly how the Noisebridge hackerspace is insured somewhere under
the category of “Artistic Robotics”.

He and Jimmy had a great selection
of projects on show and available as kits for hacking; the LoL Shields
went down well, around 6 of us opted to build them for our arduinos.

Another attendee constructed an
Atari Punk Console, while someone
else constructed their first arduino clone from a
Boarduino kit.

Our guests continued their
tour of the UK the following day, going on to their
next event
at the
Brighton hackerspace BuildBrighton.

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