Meetup: Mitch Altman – How To Make Cool Things With Microcontrollers

Saturday 20th March 13:00 to 17:00 at SteamShift HQ, 1 Derby Road, Eastleigh, SO50 5QD.

Mitch Altman,
well known for making TV-B-Gone (a keychain that turns off TVs in public
places), and also the co-founder of
a really cool San Francisco hackerspace, is coming to Southampton to
teach you How To Make Cool Things with Microcontrollers! In Mitch’s

You do not need any tools, or any experience to come to the workshop.

The workshop is free (including our time) – we do this because we
love teaching people to make things. We ask to be reimbursed for any
parts you use from us. Cost of the parts is between £5 and £20,
depending on the project. It is totally fine to bring your own parts
and projects for the workshop.

Here is a list of projects that I’ll be
bringing; I’ve included the prices for the parts:

Mignonette Game kit
@ £20 each
– a way fun, way low-resolution hand-held computer console
that you can use to create your own games

Trippy RGB Waves kit @ £5
– waves of colors follow your hand as you wave it over these

TV-B-Gone kit @ £15 each – turn off TVs in public places from up to
50 meter away!

USBtinyISP kit @ £15 each – a programmer for AVR

MiniPOV3 kit @ £15 each – display messages of your
choice through the air you wave this through Brain Machine @ £15 each
– hallucinate beautiful colors and patterns while you drift off into
fabulous meditation

MintyBoost kit @ £15 each – with 2 AA batteries
you can charge anything with a USB charging input (such as an iPhone)

Drawdio @£15 each – fun and annoying noiseamaker that changes noise
as you draw on paper

LEDcube @ £15 each – 3x3x3 cube of LEDs with
animated sequence

DC BoArduino kit @ £15 each – Arduino clone kit

FTDI cable @ £15 each – this is not a kit – it is required to
communicate with the BoArduino (and many other open-source projects)

TripGlasses @ £25 each – this is not a kit – it is a ready-made
version of the Brain Machine (hallucinate beautiful colors and
patterns while meditating!)

EU TV-B-Gone @ £15 each – this is not a
kit – it is the ready-made keychain to turn off TVs in public places
(with a stealthy batman-like look)

NA TV-B-Gone Pro SHP @ £30 each –
this is not a kit – it is a ready-made version, the size of an mp3
player, that turns off TVs in public from up to 150 meter away! One
model for the entire world! Comes with built-in rechargeable batteries
and a charger

Info on most of the above is available on my website:
“maker faire” tab

Jimmie will be bringing Open Heart kits, LOL Shield
kits, Atari Punk Console kits, and some cool circuit bending stuff.
Jimmie’s website gives more info on his projects that he’ll be

More details can be found
on the groups
– please let us know if you intend to attend.