Hack Day 1 – Meetup

Sunday 4th October 2009, 10:30am-6:30pm,

Steamshift HQ

the Arduino meeting
was such a success, we’ve already booked our next meetup – a Hack Day –
again kindly hosted by Steamshift at
their HQ in Eastleigh.

What is a Hack Day?

It’s a day where everyone brings along their current projects (if any)
and can work on them in the presence of other like-minded individuals.
Just starting out with Arduino?
Putting the finishing touches on your latest life-size robot? Planning
to build a water jet-pack? Hacking electronics into clothing? Hacking
together the components necessary to make a new GNU/Linux distro or
media centre software? Join us!

What if I don’t have a current project?

Come along anyway – help with someone else’s! Skilled or unskilled,
knowledgeable or not-so-knowledgeable, all are welcome!

Why is it so long?

The idea is that people can turn up when they want for however long they
want – pop in for just a couple of hours or come for the whole day –
it’s completely up to you! We anticipate that the busiest time will be
12:30 until 4:30.

Why so early? (Also: what about lunch?)

We thought it would be nice to have lunch together (at around 1pm,
though the timing is up to the individual) – some of us will probably
order pizza, others may bring lunch with them. However, we didn’t want
to cut into two meal times so we’ve aimed for “after breakfast and
before dinner.” :) Everyone is responsible for bringing/ordering their
own food and drink.

Where do I sign up?

This will be another free (no cost) day, all you need to do is turn up.
We like to know how many people are coming though, so please join the
Google Group
and drop a short message in
tthis hread.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

This event is kindly hosted by Steamshift.


Steamshift develops creative solutions to technical challenges
primarily in the fields of web application development, flash AS3
programming and linux hosting. They work closely with their design and
branding partners to deliver an end-to-end solution.