Review of the Arduino meet

Our next meeting, Hack Day 1, is on 4th October.
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for details.

At 2pm Saturday 29th of August, on an otherwise uneventful
bank holiday weekend, a varied group of men and women met at
Steamshift HQ. Their purpose – to get down to
business and HACK! Some arrived with projects in mind – disco lights,
energy usage monitoring, laser mazes – while others turned up with
little equipment but an eagerness to get their hands dirty. At the full
height of the meet, there were around twenty people there, playing
around with Arduino and
PIXACE boards.

Southackton Meet

The meet was organised and hosted by
Andy Bennett and Steamshift as
part of SoutHACKton – a group of like-minded Solent residents who all
want to kick back, take stuff apart and build new things out of the
resulting mess.

Southackton Meet

And that they did – sometimes clusterd in small groups, working away on
personal projects, sometimes coming together in larger groups to admire
a piece of someone else’s handy work. Projects that drew particular
attention were Ruzz’s walking robots (a hit at our last meet too),
Andy T’s LEDs (Did I mention he
has 4,000 LEDs?) and my own project: Lou Lou the Furby. I hope to hook
Lou Lou up to the PC and tell me when I get new email. Maybe she’ll get
her own twitter account one
day. For now, she’ll just have to be happy playing sounds from my eeePC
through an Arduino.

Southackton Meet

Our next meeting, Hack Day 1, is on 4th October.
Click here for details.

This event was kindly hosted by Steamshift.


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