Come Join Us – First Meetup!

Do you enjoy tinkering with software or hardware?

Got a cool project you
want help with, or want to help with some cool projects?

Live in or
around Southampton?

Join us for our first meetup at 5pm on 13th June at
The Crown Inn, Southampton!


We’re trying to start a regular meeting of people who enjoy creating or
modifying software and/or hardware and want to meet other like-minded
people. Experience is unnecessary – interest is all we require! Topics
that we’re already interested in include: home automation/augmentation,
robotics, circuit bends, programming, computer interfaces, wiimote
hacking, Arduino, gadgets, mobile computing, PVR creation/improvement,
programming, augmented reality, … so if you’re interested in any of
these topics, or have another interest you want to share, why not join