A Hackerspace In Southampton?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a
Southampton? A
space hobbyists can go to do software programming and
hardware hacking.
The attendees could all share knowledge and help each other out in a fun
and innovative environment.

The ultimate goal would be having an
“office” somewhere in Southampton where members can drop in any time
(within reason) and get to work on their project/just hang out with
fellow hackers. (If you work from home you could potentially even work
form the Hackerspace directly – it wouldn’t be so lonely!) This,
however, is likely to take a while to set up as we need to get a number
of interested people, not to mention the office space!

In the mean time,
we’re looking at setting up a regular meeting of like minded people. If
you’re interested in attending or helping us (sponsorship, coverage,
office space, …), please get in contact. UPDATE: You can now do
so via our google group.

There is no required skill level – whether you are a beginner, an expert
or anywhere in between you are welcome to attend!

If you’re interested –
get in contact!